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Meet Alyssa!

Alyssa is a dancer, music lover and lifelong fan of Tillamook Cheese. Her favorite Tillamook products are Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar and Chocolaty Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (but not together!). She dreams of someday trying every Tillamook Ice Cream flavor, but in the meantime, she’ll enjoy her Tillamook Cheese on just about everything.


Meet Noelle!

Noelle’s Granddad grew up on a dairy farm in Tillamook, so she has Tillamook Cheese running through her veins! She’s a big travel fan and loves hanging out with her friends and family. When she’s not driving one of our Baby Loaf buses, you’ll find her driving her own 1972 VW Bug! Follow Noelle on Twitter @Noelle_LLT.


Meet Asteria!

Asteria has been eating Tillamook Cheese for two decades and tries to incorporate cheese in to most of her meals. One of her favorite ways to enjoy some Hot Habanero Jack is with grapes or apple slices. She’s a fan of food and travel TV shows and loves relaxing poolside. Follow Asteria on Twitter @AspiringAsteria.


Meet Andrew!

Andrew says he was basically born eating Tillamook Cheese because “my mother refused to feed us children anything but Tillamook.” His favorite Tillamook product is Marionberry Pie Ice Cream, which he sometimes eats right out of the carton! He’s an avid hiker and fisherman and is looking forward to hiking when the tour visits Utah!


Meet April!

Medium Cheddar tops April’s list of Tillamook favorites because it’s her “use-on-anything-and-everything cheese.” She also can’t say no to a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  When she’s not sharing Tillamook Cheese with lucky people on tour, she loves to bake and cook with her friends. Follow her on Twitter @FoCheeezy.


Meet Maya!

Maya was born and raised in Portland and has been eating and loafing Tillamook “for a looooong long time!” Unlike her fellow BAs, Maya’s favorite Tillamook product changes every week, but she says she could never live without Shredded Sharp Cheddar! If you ask her friends and family, they would say that Maya could eat quesadillas every day and be happy. Follow her on Twitter @TillaMaya.


Meet Pakou!

Pakou is a recent Tillamook convert after moving to Portland from Northern California and learning “that the cheese I was eating was not real cheese!” She’s a fan of Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar and is currently obsessed with cheesy bread! Ask her for her recipe when you see her on tour! Follow her on Twitter @PepperCornyPaku.


Meet Kylie!

Look in Kylie’s freezer at home and you’ll find a gallon of Marionberry Ice Cream because “there are actual pie crust chunks in there!” But it’s not just about Ice Cream, she’s been eating Tillamook Cheese for 22 years! Her favorite recipes are creamy scalloped potatoes with Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar or Medium Cheddar on a bacon burger – Yum!


Meet Ashley!

Ashley’s grandparents are to thank for her loaf for Tillamook Cheese! During her weekly visits to their house, her grandma always gave her cheese and crackers to snack on. Since then, she’s discovered a love for Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Yogurt, which is her go-to snack between classes in college. She loves adventure, trying new things and traveling to new places! Follow her on Twitter @TillatasticAsh.


Meet Coy!

Coy attributes his notorious sweet tooth to his loaf for Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream. He says he’s not much of a cook, so he likes to eat Tillamook in its purest form – straight from the package! Running, biking and golf top Coy’s list of favorite hobbies. That’s when he’s not hanging out with his other cheesy Brand Ambassadors on tour. Follow him on Twitter @CheddarCoy.


Meet Jason!

Ask Jason and he’ll tell you he’s been eating Tillamook for as long as he can remember! Some of his favorite Tillamook memories come from trips to the Oregon coast and the Cheese Factory. When he’s not helping keep the tour running smoothly, you’ll find him on the golf course, basketball court or “just plain living life.” Follow him on Twitter @JamminJason.


Meet Susan!

Garlic Chilli Pepper Cheddar tops Susan’s list of favorite thing from Tillamook! She says the best thing about Tillamook Cheese is that “no matter what you put it on, your food tastes better!” She loves being on the Loaf Love Tour because of her love for travel! When she’s not on the Tour, you guessed it! she’d be traveling! Follow her on Twitter @SmilinSusan.

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