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We know you’ve been wondering how life is on the Yogurt Tour! We’ll let me tell you, it’s good! Real fun and #SLOWandSTEADY of course! Below are some photos that highlight what a typical day is for us.

Before our store events we have prepared about 360 cups for each of our three flavors–Old Fashioned Vanilla, Oregon Strawberry, and Washington Raspberry–which means we prepare nearly 2,000 samples for every day we set out to meet our Tillafans and Tillafans to be. Holy samples! 🙂


Every cup is opened with care, checked for quality and hand-stirred, nothing artificial here, thank you very much!  Then, once cups have been allotted into a larger bowl and stirred, we scoop the stirred yogurt into a large pastry bag to be portioned into the labeled and counted one ounce sample cups.  Sometimes it’s messy, but it’s always a bunch of laughs and we hope that our fun translates to you when we see you in stores!

Our newest addition to the crew, YUM 8, lives in our trailer at night. We then drive him to store events that are nearby or have our trailer take him there. Then he shows off once our events begin. What a beauty!Photo-3
Our other method of transportation to events is our Farmstyle Yogurt Van!Photo-4
The freshest vehicles on the road by far!
At store events we are in teams of two and sample for 6 hours.  You can typically find us outside smiling! This year we have a prize wheel, slow tweets, YUM caption sticks and more!Photo-6
Everyone loves slow tweets! Not sure what they are, well you will just have to come visit us!
Find the yogurt tour at a location near you and find your little piece of our authentically strained story.  It’s a ton of taste, a ton of fun, and we’re SO excited to share it with YOU!

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