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A vintage Tillamook Ice Cream truck

July 9 marks the 27th anniversary since former president Ronald Regan signed a proclamation stating that July is Ice Cream Month. He proclaimed that “ice cream is a nutritious and wholesome food, enjoyed by over 90 percent of the people in the United States.” July also happens to be the month when the most ice cream is consumed in the United States. Coincidence? I think not!

I consider the history of ice cream to be shaded by legends and stories. There are different references and stories about when, where and who first made ice cream. One story even includes Roman Emperor Nero. I think it makes ice cream seem old and mysterious. And it is! The process of turning milk, with some added cream and sugar, into a frozen, sweet concoction that comes in an assortment of flavors is amazing! And so very delicious. Yummm…

Our own history with ice cream is a little mysterious, too. By mysterious I mean lacking in historical information. Unfortunately it is one of the areas in our archives with holes in it. What our history says is that sometime in the 1930s, a committee of board members recommended to the entire board of directors to consider making ice cream. In their report the committee expressed, “We do not think it wise to attempt this on a large scale, but to begin with as more or less of an experiment perhaps.” Look where that experiment is today!

Stay tuned for more Tillamook Ice Cream history. Until then, enjoy a bowl of ice cream in celebration of Ice Cream Month. I know I will!

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