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Tillie squeaky toy in a Christmas display in 1958.

You may know Loafy, but do you know about Tillie?

Sweet-faced Tillie of Tillamook was a little brown Jersey cow used in a variety of advertisements and store displays to promote our dairy products in the 1950s and 1960s. We don’t exactly when she first entered the spotlight, but the earliest print advertisement in our archives portraying Tillie is May 1, 1955, in the Sacramento Bee. Tillie wasn’t widely used, but she was popular enough to be transformed into a squeaky toy that was available in 1958 until the early 1960s. The squeaky Tillie of Tillamook was a beloved toy of many children. Tillie eventually dropped out of the spotlight for a period of time. She reappeared around 2000 when she began making personal appearances at events. Tillie has undergone a few cosmetic enhancements as she’s aged. She’s now a Holstein, but Tillie is still a beloved mascot of Tillamook.

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