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Still smiling at the Hogle Zoo!

This past weekend the Loaf Love Tour was at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah. There was a lot of excitement surrounding our day at the Zoo – not only did the first 100 people dressed in their cheesiest Tillamook orange get in for free, but we also provided free cheese, coupons, smile sticks, and a whole bunch of fun! It also seems as if we brought a little bit of our Northwest weather.

After getting little or no rain the last few months, the Utah sky decided to open up and deliver a nice little rain shower. Being from the Northwest, I felt right at home and it was a much needed break from the 100 degree weather! And to my surprise, the downpour didn’t faze the Tillamook faithful in the slightest! Without missing a beat, our tents were surrounded by people wanting their share of the tasty Tillamook Cheese samples… over 13,000 samples in fact!

It just goes to show you that rain or shine, Tillamook Cheese and the Loaf Love Tour are an amazing experience!

If you want to experience the Tour yourself, go to for a full schedule or follow me on Twitter @JamminJason.

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