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It’s no secret that around here we love cheese and bread grilled to melty perfection! So when we were generously offered the opportunity to visit our friends over at the Dave’s Killer Breadquarters, another Oregon company built on quality, we jumped at the chance! Before we even entered the facility we could smell the sweetness of the baking bread! It wasn’t until our friends Dan and Adam showed us around the bread floor that we realized just how complex and detailed the whole process was. The whole team of breadmakers work diligently to make sure every loaf of bread is perfectly coated with grains and baked to perfection!


Dave’s Killer Bread was founded back in 2005 by Dave Dahl. Before his delicious bread baking days, he was a self-proclaimed four-time loser (read his incredible story here). With unflappable dedication and hard work, he and his team have created an amazing whole-grain bread that makes for a dangerously addicting combination with Tillamook Cheese.

With some delicious Dave’s Killer Bread in hand as we left, naturally, we immediately went back to the office to cook up some grilled cheese sandwiches! Take a look – there might be some Dave’s Killer Bread in your neighborhood too!

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