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Did you hear our good news? Tillamook Colby Jack was voted “America’s Best” at the 2011 United States Championship Cheese Contest! It competed against 29 other entries and received a score of 99.65 out of 100. Our newly-formulated Monterey Jack Cheese also earned the title of “America’s Best” with a score of  99.40 out of 100. We’re so honored!

How do you eat Tillamook Colby Jack? By the slice, on crackers, or in sandwiches? Try it in the Cobb Melt, a tasty creation from our friends at the Grilled Cheese Truck! Here’s what chef Dave Danhi has to say about this sandwich:

“I like to play with classic flavor combinations a lot. Here is my take on a Cobb salad, but it’s all together between two crispy, buttery pieces of bread! A side of bleu cheese dressing to dip it in is a great addition!”

See the recipe here. Let us know what you think by leaving a review of the sandwich!

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