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Patriotic loafs

The London 2012 Olympic Games begin tonight. The stage is now set for athletes around the world to deliver their peak performance and be named World’s Best. However, we couldn’t be more excited that today also marks the beginning of the Tillalympics! Tillamook has already been called World’s Best, but we still have to deliver our peak performance every day. To honor cheese fans around the world that are dedicated to natural, tasty dairy delights and our farmer-owners for their hard work day in and day out, please join us in cheering on our champions as they take on:

Our first event: Tillamook Table Tennis to the tune of “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito. (My favorite song! Love it!) Do you think he meant to sing “You’re the World’s Best“?

Good luck, light the torch, and let the Tillalympics begin!

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