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Brand Ambassador who can't say "no" to Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite Tillamook products: The Medium Cheddar Cheese is by far my favorite use-on-anything-and-everything cheese. When I have a sweet tooth, which is about 99% of the time, I always go for the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream; the huge chunks of fudge and the creamy mint ice cream are just too delightful to say "no."

Favorite way to eat Tillamook: My family loves homemade Mac 'n' Cheese. I love to use 8 oz. of Sharp Cheddar and 8 oz. of Medium Cheddar in it – I think the two of them together is a deliciously creamy combination.

Hobbies & Interests: I have a great group of friends and I have a love of baking and cooking. To bring both of these things together, I throw many parties where I like to try new recipes on my friends and have fun hanging out with them at the same time!

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