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Creative grilled cheese inventor and blogger

Favorite Tillamook products: Hot habanero jack, fo’sho!

Favorite way to eat Tillamook: As a grilled cheese gal, I feel obligated to say that I prefer it perfectly melted between two buttery slices of white bread. But to be honest, my favorite way to chow down on this tasty treat happens totally randomly, and mostly in the wee hours of the morning. When the bars close in Brooklyn, or when my friends won’t stop talking about how hungry they are, we all go back to my pad to sate our hunger. Since I’ve always got Tillamook on hand, along with other strange leftovers that get abandoned in the back of the fridge, I end up making absurd grilled cheese sandwich creations that taste oh so good after a night of dancing on the town. That’s actually how I came up with one of my favorite recipes which features Tillamook Medium Cheddar and sloppy joe mix. You can check it out on my blog, Grilled Cheese Social!

Hobbies & Interests: My whole life revolves around food. Whether I’m writing, eating, or cooking, it’s pretty much all I think about. But when I’m too full, I do tend to do other things like writing, watching cartoons, drawing weird pictures, going to shows of the musical and comedic variety, trying not to kill myself on my skateboard, and of course, trying to make myself laugh as much as possible.

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