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Sings about Grandma's Cake Batter ice cream

Favorite Tillamook products: I can’t get enough of the 3-year aged cheddar. I like cheese that bites back and that little wedge is like Mike Tyson! I also thoroughly enjoy me some ice cream…I’m not too picky, but when it’s my choice you better believe that Cookie Dough and Grandma’s Cake Batter are in my freezer.

Favorite way to eat Tillamook: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Mac n’ Cheese, off the floor, Quesadilla, stirred in Tomato soup, off a plate, mixed in a salad, straight out of the carton, off the cutting board, with my hands, with a fork, with a spoon…what I’m trying to illustrate is that I don’t have a favorite way so to speak…just that I like to eat it!

Hobbies & Interests: Music (singing), cars (BMW’s and race cars), Sports (‘GO DUCKS’ and ‘There’s No Pity in the Rose City’!) trying new restaurants with my wife (know any good ones?), hanging out with my wife, Church. I would like to start reading more, so please let me know if you have any great book suggestions!

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