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It’s National Ice Cream month and I’m so excited to be heading to Utah where I can find delicious Tillamook Ice Cream again!

The last time I had some was part of my farewell to friends and family in Portland. Good-byes are always sad, but when it ends with a delicious dessert made with Tillamook Ice Cream, there’s enough sweetness to make it all okay. This was exactly the case when I was preparing to leave and head out on my cheese adventures with the Loaf Love Tour.

My friends had planned an elaborate four-course meal that consisted of two of my favorite things: bacon and Tillamook products! You can’t even imagine the delicious dishes that they conjured!  I would list off the menu, but I feel that it would be unfair to you all because it would make you very, very hungry!

I will share one thing off the menu – the dessert. It was Tillamook Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream topped with crispy bacon and a root beer reduction.  Just as it sounds, it was a little bit of everything; sweet, salty, and creamy. With the evening coming to an end it was what my friends and I needed to remember the night. But I can’t help but think that if “good-bye” is this sweet, imagine how “hello” will be when I head back home!

Good-bye or hello, I think Tillamook Ice Cream is an amazing choice! What’s your favorite way to serve Tillamook Ice Cream?

With Loaf,

Peppercorny Pakou

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