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Heidi preparing to shoot a recipe video for

I’ve been hearing about Heidi Gibson for a long time now… Grilled Cheese Invitational ringer with loads of tasty trophies, tech professional who gave it all up to open a restaurant dedicated to grilled cheese. She even has a dog named Tilly that she rescued after finding her wandering the streets! These are the stories that passionate heroes are made of.  So it was my sincere pleasure to go behind the scenes on the video recipe shoot Heidi created with Tillamook.

Heidi in the kitchen at The AMERICAN Grilled Cheese Kitchen

First of all, we had her restaurant, The AMERICAN Grilled Cheese Kitchen, all to ourselves on a Sunday morning. You should have smelled the delicious onions caramelizing, cheese melting, and strata baking. It was amazing. I’ve also never eaten so much grilled cheese in my life (we photographed tons of sandwiches and we HAD to taste everything after all!). YUM.

Our spread of yummy sandwiches - all amazing!

I also loved talking to Heidi in between shoots. I could have talked her ear off, but one thing that really stuck with me was how well she knew each of the food items she used in her sandwiches. Each ingredient in her recipes came from a carefully chosen partner who shares her values around food and sustainable business – from her bread to her meat to her beverages.  Here at Tillamook, we feel truly honored to be counted amongst her partners.  Thanks, Heidi! We think you’re whey cool!

Heidi's Grilled Cheese Invitational awards

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