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I consider myself lucky to have been able to spend the day with Hosea Rosenberg for a number of reasons:

1)      He makes DELICIOUS food. Seriously, I was blown away by the simplicity of his Pear and Muenster Flatbread, and it was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten. See all his recipes.

Pulling together all the essentials for a day in the kitchen.

2)      He has great stories. From growing up in New Mexico, to starting out his professional career as an astronomer, to being the Season 5 Top Chef Winner, to starting his own company, Blackbelly Catering.

Hosea and his business partner, expert mixologist James Lee

3)      He raises Blackbelly Sheep and pigs! We were able to go out to Blackbelly Farm and meet them in person. So beautiful…

Aren’t they beautiful? They were very shy.

Making friends with a curious little pig!

4)      We got to be on location in Boulder, Colorado with the Flatirons looming and the sun winter-crisp and spectacular.

We loaf Boulder!

5)      Over a final bite to eat to finish off the day, I realized spending time with Hosea is like hanging out with a friend. Granted he’s that friend that is in love with the celebration and art and quality of food, but don’t we all need a friend like that?

The whole gang out on the farm after the shoot

You can get more of Hosea and Blackbelly Catering on Facebook and Twitter!

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