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I have great news — cheese is good for your teeth! Like I really need another reason to eat cheese. But this bit of info definitely doesn’t hurt the argument that cheese has a well deserved place in your daily diet. So, to celebrate National Dental Month, here are some facts about cheese and your teeth that should create a smile big enough to flash all of your pearly whites:

  • Cheese is high in calcium, one of the most important ingredients for building strong teeth!
  • Cheese is low in lactose, a form of sugar, which can harm teeth.
  • Cheese contains proteins, like casein, that act as a buffer against bacteria (often found in sugary foods) that causes decay.
  • Cheese can help kick-start saliva flow, which helps prevent the growth of plaque bacteria, thus protecting tooth enamel. Saliva flow, stimulated by cheeses such as aged cheddarSwissmozzarella and Monterey Jack, help clear your mouth of food particles, contributing to a clean mouth!
  • Certain cheeses have been shown to help prevent cavities forming when eaten as a snack or after meals.
  • And…cheese (especially low-fat cheese) is healthy for your body, making it healthy for your mouth!

So enjoy your favorite Tillamook Cheese and know that you’re eating something that makes you, your body, and your teeth…happy!


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