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Tuolumne Falls, Glen Auline High Sierra Camp, Yosemite National Park, California *Photo taken by Kristin McNess Rosengren*
It seems every day is a reason to celebrate, but today serves up one of my favorite reasons: eating outside!

Here are a couple ways to celebrate National Eat Outside Day:

Camping or Hiking: Although backpacks are normally stuffed with granola bars and gorp, take a little cheese along for a durable snack with lots of protein and calcium.
How one fan does it
Making grilled cheese over a campfire
– One of my favorite websites for backcountry recipes: One Pan Wonders (Smoked Oyster Omelette when camping? With Tillamook Smoked Cheddar! Are you kidding me? YUM!)

Picnic: Grab a blanket, a Baby Loaf, and find a nice patch of grass to spread out on…
– Stash some handy-dandy Tilla-moos in your picnic basket
– Try this BLAT grilled cheese that will stay delicious during your journey to find the perfect picnic spot
– Pick up some goodies from the Cheese Factory for a picnic on an Oregon coast

Al fresco: Things taste even more delicious when dining just outside of your favorite restaurant. Here’s few of our favorites that include an al fresco option:
The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, San Francisco
Caffe Niche with Tillamook Sandwich Week, Salt Lake City
The Foundry with Tillamook Grilled Cheese Week, Los Angeles

Food Cart: One of the best things about eating at a food cart? Getting to eat delicious treats outside — and you often have different outdoor scenery depending on the day! Some of our fav food carts:
The Grilled Cheese Truck, Los Angeles (find out their current location on Twitter @grlldcheesetruk)
– Savor Soup House – Featured Tillamook Restaurant of the Month, Portland, Oregon
– Grilled Cheese Grill – Featured Tillamook Restaurant of the Month, Portland, Oregon

BBQ: In these final days of summer grillin’, pay homage to those smokin’ flames with these BBQ ideas:
– Cheese + Burger + [insert delicious toppings] =fabulous grilling recipes
Grill a pizza. Yeah, you heard me.
– Stuffed Burgers filled with CHEESE!

Pick your fav and get on out there!

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