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Have you ever wondered how the Tillamook Loaf Love Tour is able to get our delicious cheese cut into perfect little bite size cubes? Well I have discovered the answer: Cubing Parties! These parties are one of the first steps we Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassadors do to make sure everyone of our Tillamook Cheese lovers gets that perfect bite.

We’re a month into our 2011 tour and everyone has quickly picked up on their role at the party. We begin by washing our hands in the kitchen of our hotel, then we turn up the music, and we all maintain our position and begin the cubing. Jason is in charge of opening the loafs of cheese, Tyler uses this funky cheese cutting tool (which is similar to a cutting machine you would use in school), and then the guys pass off the big blocks of cheese to us gals. With our lovely doctor gloves on, we separate each and every cube. All the while, we’re talking up a storm and dancing like its Saturday night. After we have broken apart 300 pieces, we bag the cheese up and put it in the cooler for the next day. The amount of cheese that needs to be cubed is determined by the events coming up for the next few days; basically we just estimate and hope for the best. We never want to run out of samples for the best fans in the world!

Once the cubing begins to wind down, I start my favorite part: cleaning! I’ll collect all our supplies and bring them over to the huge industrial size sink and dishwasher. I have had jobs in the restaurant world so this is a cinch for me! Cubing parties often remind me of a fun little make-shift factory… just think of Thelma and Louise or Lucy and Ethel when they’re working in the chocolate factory!

I think we have just a little too much fun doing this!

Isn’t it nice to know your Loaf Love Tour team is dancing up a storm while preparing your yummy little bites with love?

-Jenn, Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador

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