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What year did Tillamook first make ice cream? When is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month? How many pounds of fresh milk arrive at the Tillamook Cheese Factory each day? If  you tested your Cheese IQ this week, you probably know the answers to all of these questions, plus more!

To celebrate the new, we invited fans to test their Cheese IQ every day this week for the chance to win a tasty Tillamook Cheese gift box. Congratulations to our winners: Beth Simmons, Serena Van Vranken, and Lori Miller (plus two more people we’re waiting to hear back from).  Thanks for testing your Cheese IQ! You can now brag about your status as a Tillamook Cheese turophile.

For those of you who didn’t win this week, don’t worry! You can still come back to test your Cheese IQ every month. After today, we’ll pick a monthly winner who will receive a Tillamook Cheese gift box.

We hope you had fun playing the Cheese IQ Quiz! We created it with our cheesiest fans in mind.

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