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The Tillamook Cheese Loaf Love Tour at the Danville 4th of July Parade!

There are so many opportunities to feel like a rock star while on the Loaf Love Tour, but the 4th of July Parade in Danville, CA had to be one of our highlights! We rose nice and early armed with 12,000 Tilla-Moos and gorgeous sunny skies. As soon as we arrived, we knew we were going to have a great time.

Our awesome VW Yum buses were in a staging area with helicopters, little league teams, local dignitaries, and, of course, lots of cheese-loving parade-goers decked out in their most patriotic gear. Once our buses got started on the route, there were seven of us toting portable coolers full of the World’s Best Medium Cheddar Cheese for the fans along the way. People were screaming for Tillamook Cheese and it energized me for our 2.5 mile trek. As I got started, I heard from a mom how great it was to get our all natural cheese as snacks rather than candy … as if I didn’t already feel great about being here – this made it even better!

Tillamook Cheese – made in the U.S.A.!

But the best moment of all was shortly after I refilled my cooler behind our Loafster convertible. The shoulder strap was tangled and I had to set it down to work it free. While I was stopped right in the middle of the parade route, both sides of the road started competing with screams of “cheese!” I cupped my hand to my ear and egged on the friendly competition. The screams went back and forth getting louder and louder.  I finally declared a winner by running over and handing out tons of Tilla-Moos. And because I’m a softie, I ran to the other side and brought them their own tasty cheese samples, too!

Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador Noelle with her cooler bag full of Tilla-Moos

Thank you Danville, CA for the awesome 4th of July memories!

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