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Cheesy Rockstars!

It’s amazing how much attention we get on the Loaf Love Tour when we drive around in the baby loaf buses. I’m definitely not going to pretend like I don’t love it. I thought that we got a lot of attention in Texas for the last 3 months, but being back in the Northwest has made me feel like somewhat of a celebrity. When we’re driving to and from our events, people will pull up next to us, want to talk to us and see what we’re doing. They try and snap pictures of us while they’re driving… which can sometimes get a little scary. People weave in and out of traffic, trying to watch the road while they snap a picture! It’s a tough life, but I am always ready for my close-up! We’ve driven through downtown Portland several times where there are a lot of people walking around and hanging out by the waterfront. It’s exciting because people honk and yell out to us and we feel like cheesy rockstars! I could definitely get used to this rockstar status. When we arrived at our store event today there was a huge reader board that said “Tillamook Loaf Love Tour 1pm – 7pm Thursday, June 21.” It was like the reader board at the Rose Garden, “The Rose Garden Welcomes…Van Halen!” Wow, did I just compare myself to Van Halen? I think I might be getting a bit of an ego.

Aspiring Asteria, April FoCheeezy, Smiley Kylie and I (Till-Lyssa) are really excited for our next stop, Idaho! The great potato state! You know what is great on potatoes…Tillamook Cheese! It’s so fun to go to a new market, educate consumers about Tillamook and feed them our delicious cheese. We won’t be in our home state, so my rockstar status might not be quite as prominent, but my teammates are getting sick of me insisting there be a red carpet when I arrive to work every morning – I may need to be brought down a peg or two.

Stay cheesy Portland, and look out Idaho, here we come!

– Till-Lyssa



Enjoyed the tour of Texas! Thanks! We are Tillamook fans from way back.

Hey!, I want a van like the Tiilamook van ...where did you get them? I've looked and cannot find anything like them!

July 4th, 2012 at 4:59 am


Tillamook Team

Hi Gretchen,

Glad you enjoyed the Loaf Love Tour! The reason you haven't found anything else quite like the Tillamook Baby Loaf Buses is that they were custom built! Have you seen "the making of" video? If not go to our Meet the Buses page and see how they were made, start to finish!

- Laura of the Tillamook Team

July 10th, 2012 at 8:56 am
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