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Dutch Belt cows look a bit like Oreo Cookies, don’t you think?

Every breed of cow has something unique about it, whether it is long shaggy hair, giant horns, spots like a Dalmatian or milk that is golden. The Dutch Belt is no different. People may think the black and white markings mean they are a funny looking Holstein, but no, these girls are meant to look like giant Oreo cookies on four legs. The cows are black with a white belt circling their entire body between the shoulders and rump.

According to the history books, Dutch Belt cows were imported to the U.S. in 1838. One of the original importers was P.T. Barnum! Barnum exhibited his herd for several years as a “rare and aristocratic breed,” because the animals were bred by nobility to achieve the bright white belt.

Locally, with only one herd, Dutch Belts are a rare and unique site.

Photo courtesy of hans s

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