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A vintage photo of Lisa and her family in their first boat – she’s holding the net in the white sweatshirt

If you haven’t had a chance to enter the Dad’s Ultimate Dish Contest yet, don’t wait too long! It ends June 17. Need some inspiration? A Tillatastic fan, Lisa Lankins, shared this great story with us. It’s so great, I couldn’t keep it to my cheesy self.

“Hello Fine People of Tillamook Cheese,

My Dad’s recipe, which I have eaten since a small child, is very simple. It’s freshly boiled crab (which we picked and ate from the shell), alongside a Baby Loaf of Medium Cheddar Cheese (or Sharp), and a box of saltine crackers, along with some very cold beer.

I grew up crabbing on the Oregon Coast. I can’t count how many times we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory on our weekend crabbing/salmon fishing trips. My Dad made a crab cooker from an old beer keg, and he would set it on a gas flame burner in the driveway. We cooked and cleaned them ourselves, sometimes up to 60 crabs. As soon as we were finished we would go to the kitchen table, cover it with newspaper, and Dad would get out his home-made crab crackers (basically wooden blocks on a stick), and we would use the crab legs to clean the crab. All the while we’d be eating Tillamook Cheddar on crackers, and be drinking a beer (well, when I was younger, only Dad drank the beer). My Dad lived until I was forty, but I still long for those days crabbing and eating Tillamook Cheddar. In fact, Tillamook Cheese means family to me.

Thanks for this opportunity to share one of my fondest memories…

Lisa Lankins”

Thank YOU, Lisa, for sharing your story with us and other Tillamook fans. I am a lucky Baby Loaf to get to be a part of your family gatherings.

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