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Hello there, coming to you all the way from the palm trees of southern California, it’s the Ice Cream Tour! As you make your way down the page you’ll find out what it’s like on a day-to-day basis for the inaugural tour of Tillamook’s sweetest treat!

The Ice Cream Tour is lucky to have a beautiful fleet of 3 Yums! Yum 2 and Yum 3 are of the shortened variety while Yum 7 is a full size Volkswagen Bus, doubling as a pop-up anywhere Ice cream truck!
When we’re not out delivering tasty treats in our yum buses they live in their trailers waiting to roll out in the early morning.
Of course we make sure they’re safe and sound.
The busses also share the space with our main ice cream freezer, before it hits the sample stations! It at times creates a mountain of goodness taller than your average man.
To start out the day right, humans and vehicles alike must eat a healthy meal to ensure they’re capable of sampling delicious ice cream for 6 hours at various store partners! (There is fruit in there).
As for yum 7, she prefers unleaded, of the ’87 variety.

On an average day we sample two or three delicious Tillamook flavors. Old-Fashioned Vanilla, Oregon Strawberry, and the new flavor on the block, White Chocolate Raspberry Yum! The 3 oz samples come with their own spoon in the lid reminiscent of the dixie cups of yesteryear.
Unlike previous tours the Ice Cream Tour takes full advantage of our “summer all the time” motto and sets up shop outside! In teams of two we hand out samples, retro buttons and even a special keepsake to a lucky few. You’ll have to come see us to find out!
The process of putting this together isn’t always as smooth as tasty Tillamook Ice Cream, but it all comes together in the end!
Once we open up our doors and our freezers, people seem to like having us around.
Sometimes the bus even gets to meet up with an old friend.
The Ice Cream Tour is just in the beginning of our journey so be sure to catch us at one, or two, of our many stops through the spring and summer months. A little ice cream and a whole lot of fun is headed up the west coast, we’ll see you out there. Or maybe you’ll catch us doing a little sight-seeing along the way!
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