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DIY Bird Feeder

Upcycle your empty Tillamook Sour Cream and Yogurt containers into this easy to make bird feeder!

1 16oz Tillamook Sour Cream container (with the lid)
1 32oz Tillamook Yogurt container (Naturally Plain or Vanilla Bean)
4 ft of hemp or twine
Xacto knife
Small washer


Using your Xacto blade, cut a hole (two cuts forming and “X” shape will work) in the center of the Sour Cream lid and in the base of the Sour Cream container. You’ll be running your string through these holes, so you may want to test to make sure it fits!

Cut a similar hole in the bottom of the Yogurt container, then, using your scissors, trim the top of the container off. You should be left with a circular pan with about a 1 – 1.5 inch lip.


Using the Xacto knife again, cut several openings along the bottom of the Sour Cream container. This is where the birdseed will pour out from, so you don’t want these to be too small.

Next, attach all parts by stringing them together. The Yogurt container should be on the bottom, then the Sour Cream container, and finally the Sour Cream lid. Place the washer on the underside of the Yogurt dish and tie several knots at the end of the string until it is secure and won’t pull through the hole you’ve cut in the bottom.

Fill the Sour Cream container with birdseed and close it with the lid (this way squirrels can’t get in!)

Using the long end of the string (pulled through the top of the Sour Cream lid), hang outdoors. You may have to shake the Sour Cream container a little to get the birdseed to fill the feeding dish for the first time.

Watch and listen for the birds to come say hello!

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