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Are you in need of a quick Halloween costume for your Tillakids? Are you a lover of DIY projects and up-cycling? Here are three inexpensive and easy to make costume ideas that’ll put your empty Tillamook Yogurt containers to use!


3 6oz Tillamook Yogurt cups, washed and dried
E600 glue (this glue, while not recommended for kids to use, will bond materials securely to your plastic cups)
Colored felt
Puff paint for details (permanent marker would work great too)
Pipe cleaners, elastic, or an old headband

Two of your yogurt cups will be used to make ears. You may want to trim these down a bit depending on the size of your costume wearer, and the type of animal ears you’re making. For reference, I trimmed the mouse ears but not the pig or bear ears.

Next, cover your plastic cups with felt applying the E600 glue rather liberally. The glue sets pretty fast, but hold your felt in place for about a minute to make sure it doesn’t slip around. Add details like the inside of the ears using another color of felt trimmed down to your liking using scissors. Finally, add any details with puff paint or permanent marker. I love the idea of adding a little glow in the dark puff paint – a fun surprise for the kids! To finalize the ears, you need to connect them to something that you can wear on your head. You can twist a crown of pipe cleaners together, glue directly onto a headband, or glue an elastic chin strap (which you wear like a party cone hat).


For the nose/snout, you will likely want to trim the cup down significantly. I also cut a notch out where the piece will sit on the nose. You can trim the cup to fit the face of your costume wearer. For these pieces, I covered the rim of the cup in felt as well (it will be sitting right against the face). I suggest using a piece of elastic and gluing to opposite inside edges of the nose cup.

Finish off your costume with a tail made of felt or pipe cleaners. Dress your little animal in sweatpants and a shirt to match their costume (sneaky way to keep the kids warm while trick-or-treating!)



I hope these costume ideas inspire you to create something new out of supplies you’ve got around the house! What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

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