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Are you ready to take a bite out of National Hamburger month? Come celebrate this scrumptious occasion with us at your local grocery for our second Golden Ticket event!

The hamburger is indeed quite the cause for celebration. Imagine a warm day in May and you just sat down to enjoy a delicious, juicy hamburger right off the grill. The bun has been perfectly toasted with a thin layer of rich Tillamook Butter and topping the patty is a perfectly melted slice of award winning Tillamook Medium Cheddar. Or if you’d like to add a little spice to your life you could also decorate your hamburger with some of our Pepper Jack Cheese! Those sweet peppers and jalapeños might be the perfect kick to make your hamburger extra spectacular. But, don’t let us tell you what to do, pick out your favorite loaf and make your very own hamburger!


Want to win a free loaf for that hamburger? On May 18th at select stores in Sacramento and San Antonio, we’ll be hiding tickets every hour around various items related to hamburgers. If you are the lucky winner who finds one of the tickets in store you may redeem a coupon for a free loaf of any Tillamook Cheese your heart desires! However, that’s the just the beginning! If you find a golden ticket you will also be entered to win a year’s supply of Tillamook Cheese! Imagine all the cheesy creations that you could make with a years’ supply of cheese!

If you want a slice of all this cheesiness, check the Loaf Love Tour schedule to find out which store is nearest to you on this special day. We look forward to see you then!

Post by Elisa of the West Team!

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