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Oregon State’s Benny the Beaver

If you are from the Northwest, you know about the intense rivalry between the University of Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State University Beavers.  If you know me, Alyssa (aka Till-Lyssa) of the Loaf Love Tour, then you’re aware that I am a University of Oregon alumni and crazy, Duck Super-fan!  I would say on average most alumni were fans of at least one college sport while they were in school and may even follow that sport or team after they graduate.  I, on the other hand, was a super-fan of all sports.  I am proud to say that I attended EVERY home football game and Men’s basketball game.  I also attended 3 to 4 away football games a year and went to all Men’s playoff basketball games.  I went to Volleyball games, wrestling meets, Women’s basketball games, and track meets.

Alyssa with University of Oregon’s Puddles!

When I started the Loaf Love Tour I was so excited to hear that one of my fellow Brand Ambassadors, Noelle, was also a University of Oregon alumni and Duck fanatic.  I was less thrilled to hear that the Production Assistant on tour, Jason, went to Oregon State University and is a huge Beaver fan.  In fact, the first time Jason and I met; I introduced myself and told him where I went to school.  Jason replied with, “My name is Jason and I went to OSU.  GO BEAVS!”  I thought, “Oh no!  The rivalry begins!  How will he and I ever work together in harmony?”  On top of that, what is the Tillamook and Loaf Love Tour signature color!?!  That’s right folks, ORANGE!  Don’t get me wrong, I love Tillamook orange.  I just knew that Jason was going to love to see a Duck wear OSU colors.

My very first week on the job and I was partnered with Jason.  Our second store day, the dairy manager came over and introduced himself.  Not even 2 minutes into our conversation it was revealed that a Duck and a Beaver were working together, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.  Even Texans, no stranger to college rivalries themsleves, knew about Ducks vs. Beavs. However, it turns out that Jason and I DO have something in common.  Our love for cheese!  Our favorite flavor is the Sharp Cheddar, we both love that Tillamook Cheese is natural, and we totally LOAF bringing cheese to the people!

Jason is still a diehard OSU fan, and I am still a mega U of O fan but it turns out both Ducks and Beavers love Tillamook cheese!




As a both sides alum Beaver Undergrad, Duck Grad, it's good you could work together. I have very fond memories of the campus and the times--I was there when 'THE MOVIE' was filmed and when the 'Dead' played Autzen...years ago now...
However, I am, as a LOYAL Tillamook Cheese aficionado and consumer, can't WAIT for the tour to hit MY HEB at 9595 Six Pines Drive, The Woodlands on May 3.
I will be there, and probably never leave!!!
I still have many relatives in the area (even in Tillamook--part of the 'cow crowd' and have taken my family to the factory where my wife and daughter fell in love with 'cheese cruds' (yes, I know it's cheese curds) as they call them....very good idea and can't wait to have you (or y'all as they natives say) here!!! (or is it hear?) Yea Tillamook!!!!

April 24th, 2012 at 8:22 am

Tillamook Team

Hi Stu - Thanks so much for sharing your comment on the blog! We love hearing from our enthusiastic fans and have been so excited at the number of Oregon transplants who are making Texas home! I hope you have a great time meeting our Loaf Love Tour team at your local HEB store! Also, thanks for pointing out the edits in the blog post! I 'hear' you :)

~Katy of the Tillamook Team

April 24th, 2012 at 10:45 am
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