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As a Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador we work five days a week doing all sorts of cheesy business! In between our weeks of grocery store sampling, special events and talking about Tillamook Cheese, we sure do get to have a little fun. Each week we get two days off. We try to make the most of them while we’re in new cities across the Western US, by checking out the local sights!

A couple weeks ago, while in Sacramento, a group of us got up at the crack of dawn to head into the mountains for an exciting white water rafting trip on the American River’s Middle Fork. It was a thrill, that’s for sure! We almost thought the Loaf Love Tour crew was going to flip the raft when we hit a Class IV rapid. But, with the help of our great guide, we all made it – and without a spill into the icy cold waters!

The first week we arrived in Salt Lake City, Susan, Jason and I drove out to check out Bonneville Speed Week, hoping to witness some land speed records set! It was quite a sight – all these souped up cars and motorcycles blazing down a five mile course on top of the Salt Flats! It was so hot and so bright from the white salt ground. We saw all sorts of crazy old cars from the 30s and modern cars doing speeds over 200mph — some nearing 300mph. It was nuts!

I have to say one of the most exciting and special experiences I’ve had since being on tour happened just two weeks ago. I took my very first helicopter ride! It was amazing, and I don’t think I can quite describe how impressive it really was! Susan, Jason and I flew one-way to Denver to meet our helicopter pilot and flew back to Salt Lake City through the Rocky Mountains in a helicopter. The vibrations and sound of being inside the helicopter were so loud. We took off and climbed to elevations of over 12,000 feet to get over the Rockies. While high over the mountains, it didn’t seem like we were going 160mph, but once the helicopter got closer to the ground I could really feel the speed — it felt like we were in a movie! We went over all kinds of diverse landscapes and saw areas that looked completely undiscovered! We saw elk and mountain goats on our ride as well. Tons of thanks go out to our trusty pilot, Lee!

We have just a few weeks left on the 2011 Loaf Love Tour and I can’t wait to see what other sorts of fun we get into! If you have recommendations on how we can spend our days off while in Denver– I’m all ears!

See you on the road (or in the air!),
Noelle, Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador

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