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Here at Tillamook, we know that cheese is a very precious thing, and I’m sure you agree! Tillamook Cheese is all natural and mold inhibitors are not used, so there is a chance that you’re cheese will fall victim to mold before you finish it. Luckily you can savor your cheese right down to the very last bite, if you follow these storage tips!

The first step is to always keep your Tillamook Cheese refrigerated at a temperature 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The cheese should be stored in the original packaging and kept in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Surprisingly, this means cheese should be kept toward the back of the fridge on the middle shelf instead of in the dairy drawer!

Once you open your Tillamook Cheese, cut off the part that you plan to use, then wrap the remaining cheese back in the original wrapper, and then place it in a Zip Lock bag or wrap thoroughly in plastic wrap to prevent air from reaching the cheese. Place the cheese back in the coldest part of your fridge once it has been wrapped.

If you are storing your cheese in a Zip Lock bag, remember to use a clean bag that is free of any potential mold spores from other foods. When you finish your cheese, throw the bag away instead of reusing it for your next loaf of cheese.

Limiting contact with your cheese can also prevent mold growth. For shredded cheese, instead of sticking your hand into the bag, gently shake the cheese that you need out of the bag into a bowl. If you are slicing or shredding a loaf of cheese, hold the part of the loaf that is still covered by the wrapper while you work.

If you follow these golden rules of cheese storage, you should be able to enjoy your cheese all the way up until the expiration date! Have questions about this process? Leave them in the comment section below so we can answer them for you!

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