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The Loaf Love Tour at Peach Days in Brigham City, Utah

The highlight of Brigham City’s Peach Days… Was it the rides? The food booths? The vendor tables? We think it was Tillamook Cheese! Whether it was at the parades or at the booth, there was a certain kind of energy and excitement that surrounded us. The Yums, as always, were a huge draw, and the Loafster in particular created a lot of buzz that echoed throughout all of Peach Days. Stories of cross country drives, struggles when climbing hills, and even stories of an occasional car fire were told by fellow VW owners. The Tillamook bean bag toss was fun for all ages, the buttons and the coupons were a huge hit; and the cheese, ahhhh, the cheese! Not only did each and every person that sampled our cheese leave with a smile, but the taste of the world’s best medium cheddar inspired hundreds to tell us their stories of how much fun they had when they visited our Cheese Factory. Some visit our factory on an annual basis and some haven’t been there for 30 years. But regardless of the time since their last visit, everyone recalls the experience with a smile.

Peach Days was a fun filled two days that came to an end far too soon. Being able to share in the enjoyment with Tillamook fans at events like this is the best thing about being a Brand Ambassador; and boy did Peach Days deliver! Thank you Peach Days, and thank you Utah, for welcoming us with open arms. I truly can’t wait for a return trip next year!

Next stop for the Loaf Love Tour: Denver! Let’s see if you can fill the shoes left by your predecessors in Utah. Hope you’re up for the challenge!

Jammin Jason, Peach Days Brand Ambassador

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