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The Loaf Love Tour has been all over Texas and California and wraps up next week in Austin and San Diego. The Texas Brand Ambassadors have seen a lot of Loaf Love so far, and on a recent drive handing out Tillamoos and bringing cheesy smiles to the people of Austin they met George, a Tillamook enthusiast.

George, who lives in Austin, truly believes that Tillamook Sharp Cheddar is “far superior in every facet,” compared to other cheeses. George’s love for Tillamook Cheese has been unwavering since he first tried it 6 years ago. He has even visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory!

George says the cheese is “dynamite” and Tilla-promises that he hasn’t bought any other cheese since he fell in Loaf Love. He loves to share the cheese with his granddaughters whom he loafs just as much. After taking a lot of pictures with the Baby Loaf and stocking up on coupons, he was super excited to share his Loaf Love experience with his family and looks forward to meeting up with the tour again next year. Take a look of the footage of George sharing his Tillamook story below.

In San Diego, the California Brand Ambassadors first met Julia during the fall of 2012 in Orange County. She was wearing a purple Tillamook Tilly the Cow shirt! Julia first learned about the Loaf Love Tour from a morning segment and decided to look up our schedule online. One day she decided to go out and see what The Loaf Love Tour was all about and it’s been history since. Truth is, we’re not exactly sure how many stops she has made on the tours, but it’s been 12 these past two months. Add that with the 2012 tour and it’s safe to estimate at least 50 times! What a record!

Julia sets her visit on her own personal calendar

Julia has been eating Tillamook Cheese for a long time. So long that she doesn’t remember when she started. She’s been to the Tillamook Factory twice and says, “Once before the ice cream and once afterwards!” Not only is she a Tilla-fan, she also shares her love of Tillamook with her friends, family and community.

Everyone around her has felt her love of Tillamook Cheese and the Loaf Love Tour, especially the brand ambassadors. Being on the road for months can make even the cheesiest brand ambassador a bit homesick. So when we get to see familiar, friendly faces, it’s always a treat for us! Whether she brings us recipes, printed out photos or hugs, we know that Julia is really happy to see us. For this, Julia has really transcended from a Tilla-fan to a Tilla-friend.

Honorable mention as Tilla-friend is Julia’s husband, Bill, who is ever the devoted husband, cheese sampler, driver and photographer!

Post by Lia Loaf and Pepper Corny Pakou

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