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Fan of the Month: Joel Widmer

It’s definitely a small world. I actually knew about  Joel, our April Fan of the Month, before I formally “met” him on Twitter. Our Loaf Love Tour  staff met a friendly older couple down in Phoenix a few months ago. They were so sweet and lovely and shared a story with our staff about their grandson who had a 40 lb block of Tillamook Cheese as his wedding grooms cake. A few months later, Joel and I connected on Twitter and he mentioned that he had a giant block of Tillamook at his wedding. Turns out that the couple we met in Phoenix are in fact Joel’s grandparents! Crazy, eh?

Thanks, Joel, for being our Fan of the Month! We’ve loved meeting you and your grandparents… the Tillamook “Loaf Love” sure seems to run in your family!

Q: How long have you been eating Tillamook products? When did your “Loaf Love” for Tillamook begin?
A: I’ve been eating Tillamook Cheese products for all my life! Growing up in Tillamook, our family bought exclusively Tillamook Cheese, Ice Cream, Butter and Milk. When I moved to Nashville 6 years ago, I found a few places that carried the cheese because I couldn’t find anything that compared. And whenever I visit home, I always make sure to stock up!

Q: What’s your favorite Tillamook product?
A: Without a doubt, the Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar! There’s nothing like it.

Q: What’s a random fact about you (something most people don’t know about)?
A: I grew up in a large family with 12 siblings. My parents have a passion for adoption. But I remember going through a couple gallons of milk each week.

Q: Anything else you can share about your love for Tillamook?
A: I loved the Vintage White Cheddar so much I had a 40lb block of it for my grooms cake at my wedding. The guests liked it more than the regular cake! Also, there’s nothing better than going back to Tillamook and going to the Cheese Factory just for the smell of the freshly made waffle cones… One of the best things in the world!

Joel’s wedding grooms “cake” – a 40 lb block of Tillamook Cheese!

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