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Tilla-Superfan Kim Brown first saw the Loaf Love Tour in 2012 when she came to her local grocery store in Dallas, Texas. Kim shared her story of time tasting Tillamook Cheese for the first time when she was in Seattle. “It just tasted different than the other cheeses. I knew it was better, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.” Once she found out that it is made with only all natural ingredients, she made the switch and never looked back.

Kim visited the Loaf Love Tour again this year and signed up for Cheesy News so she would always know when Tillamook was in town. Kim is also a huge Volkswagen fan and adores the Yum Bus. When deciding on her first tattoo, she considered flowers or a butterfly, but decided to get the VW emblem inked onto her skin. “You guys have managed to combine two of my favorite things, Tillamook Cheese and Volkswagen busses with this Yum Bus!”

Kim’s daughter posing next to the famous Yum Bus!

Over in Los Angeles, Jan came across our parked Daddy Loaf Truck, the giant truck/trailer used to transport all three of our adorable Baby Loaf busses across county. Jan’s love of Tillamook Cheese made her very excited and she knew the Yums had to be nearby. She quickly looked up the Loaf Love Tour online to see where she could find us.


The very next day Jan made a trip out to Norwalk to see the Brand Ambassadors at work. She introduced herself and told us her happy story of how she found us and how she fell in love with Tillamook. Jan’s brother first introduced her to Tillamook in Idaho over 15 years ago and she’s been a loyal fan ever since. Now whenever Jan sees Tillamook it reminds her of wonderful times with family.

At her first Loaf Love event she took pictures, sampled cheese, and stocked up on Tillamook coupons. But Jan didn’t stop there! She decided to make a trip to all three events that day to meet all the Brand Ambassadors and pose for pictures with all three busses.

Jan having a cheesy good time with Brand Ambassador Cheesy Dee!

Jan’s love of Tillamook has naturally aged into a love of the Loaf Love Tour. Thank you for all your support Jan, we loaf you!

Post by Inge and Molly!

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