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Over the past few days I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing of the whirlwind five months I’ve had on the Loaf Love Tour. I honestly cannot believe how quickly it has all flown by! I still remember arriving in Amarillo, TX at the beginning of March to snow flurries like it was yesterday!

I’ve been so lucky throughout this tour to not only do some really fun things along the way, but I’ve also gained my cheese family and met some great people! Like Till-Lyssa has mentioned before, this job really makes you feel like a cheesy rockstar and nothing makes us feel better than when super fans come visit you at a store because they knew you were going to be there! At one of my store days recently I was visited by two Tillamook-loving fans, mother and daughter duo Sheri and Stephanie! They were so excited to see the tour up close and personal – Sheri has been following Tillamook on Facebook and our blog for some time now! Her and her daughter loaded up on smile sticks, buttons, and of course Tillamook Cheese!

Although my five state, six month adventure is almost over, it’s bitter sweet. I’m looking forward to being back at home in Portland, but I am going to miss life on the road with my cheese family too. From the thrill rides in Dallas to exploring caverns in San Antonio to floating the river in Boise and everything in between, getting to know my crew throughout these months has been an amazing experience I will never forget, and has given me lifelong friends!

It’s been a great run and I’m so happy to have met and experienced everything! We have about a week left in Seattle so check the schedule and come say hi!

~ April FoCheezy

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