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This month’s featured restaurant is one of the consistently happiest restaurants we’ve found: Laughing Planet Café! These quick-service restaurants are filled with eclectic art, dinosaur toys and happy employees, not to mention awesome food, creating a very tasty and comfortable environment.

A wonderful thing about Laughing Planet Café is their focus on sustainability. Laughing Planet uses local ingredients (hey, Tillamook does too!) in their burritos, salads, quesadillas, and smoothies. They also use tons of biodegradable or compostable products so you can eat guilt-free. Hooray! Even better, Laughing Planet reaches out to help a different group of beings: chimpanzees! Laughing Planet Café supports the IDA Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, to ensure that endangered chimpanzees survive in their natural habitats. How great is that?!

Pop into a Laughing Planet in Portland, Eugene or Corvallis today to eat a burrito and play with a dinosaur. All locations are open 11am to 9pm or 10pm.

Sample Menu

Southwestern Green Chili Burrito – Black beans, mild green chiles, local sweet corn, Tillamook Monterey Jack Cheese, organic brown rice and pico de gallo.

Bubba Burrito – Grilled chicken, local sweet corn, pinto beans, organic brown rice, Tillamook Monterey Jack Cheese, spicy barbecue sauce and pico de gallo.

Che Guevara Burrito – Organic brown rice, black beans, plantains, sweet potatoes and spicy barbeque sauce.

Sacagawea Salad – Spinach, feta, pickled red onions, Oregon cranberries, toasted Oregon hazelnuts, avocado-lime dressing.

Governator Quesadilla – Mashed organic potatoes, broccoli, Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese and pico de gallo.

Drinks: Laughing Planet Cafés have a variety of smoothies and fresh squeezed juices, as well as many beer options.

If you’re indecisive or adventurous, simply try the Special Burrito o’ the Week!

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