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To sum up our kick off of The Loaf Love Tour at the Phoenix Zoo: It was a blast!
I had no idea how much people from Arizona loved, er, “loafed” us! Story after story poured in as people sampled our cheese — families sharing how they had visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory, grew up on our products, and discovered us and fell in love one way or another.

We had fans who dressed up in homemade Tillamook shirts and colors – one family even had a wee one in a “baby loaf” designed t-shirt! We also gave out cheese samples to a number of “animals”… lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! The zoo does a great job face painting the kids.

The Phoenix Zoo employees were a ton of fun, and we had volunteers and workers excited to eat Tillamook Cheese and take pictures together by our new Loafster. The Loafster has quite the following now; crowds of people wanted to be around it!

As the day drew to an end and the zoo started closing, people were sampling our cheese and putting on our “Loaf” buttons with huge grins while telling us “goodbye” and “thank you.” I would definitely call the day a success — with cheese in the mouths of thousands of people who love Tillamook!

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