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Summer is here, which means it’s time to take advantage of fruits and veggies fresh from the Portland Farmers’ Market.

Strawberries are one of my favorite summer fruits, and luckily the Portland Farmers’ Market already has plenty to satiate my craving. This recipe can be made with any variety of strawberries (even frozen!), but I was lucky enough to get some juicy Hood Strawberries at the market last weekend. In Oregon, we’re lucky to have this very special variety that only bears fruit for about three weeks! Keep an eye out at the Portland Farmers’ Market and other Farmers’ Markets and fruit stands around Oregon so you don’t miss these delicious berries. Hood Strawberries are dark red, super sweet and perish really quickly after picking (something to keep in mind if you’re like me and your eyes tend to be bigger than your stomach). Rhubarb is in season in Oregon from April to May, and again from late June to July, so remember to look for it the next time you’re at your local Farmers’ Market or grocery.

If you find yourself with some Hood Strawberries and rhubarb, this recipe is a great way to cook them up and savor their delicious flavor! Strawberries are sweet with a hint of citrusy tang, which blends effortlessly with the tart taste of rhubarb. This recipe has a simple ingredient list, is really easy to make, and will add a fresh pop of color to your next dessert party!

Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce Recipe

Portland Farmers MarketIngredients
1 quart strawberries, halved
1 lb rhubarb (I used roughly 2.5 stocks), diced
¹⁄₂ tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice
¹⁄₂ cup sugar (Note: if you’re using naturally sweeter berries, like Hoods, you could use as little as ¹/₄ cup of sugar depending on how sweet you want the sauce)
1/₃ cup water
Tillamook Ice Cream to serve (I used Tillamook Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and it was a really well balanced sweet, tart and creamy combination)

1. In a sauce pan, heat sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved completely.

2. Add the rhubarb to the hot sugar mixture and simmer for 10-15 minutes until the diced chunks soften and begin to blend together. Add the strawberries and lemon juice and simmer over the heat for another ten minutes until thoroughly combined.Allow mixture to cool and then puree using an emersion blender (regular blender works too!).

3. Serve over a bowl of your favorite Tillamook Ice Cream!

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