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“Come by for a taste of your childhood. Unless your childhood sucked, then we’ll share a taste of ours.”

This is the message that hangs over the NEW Grilled Cheese Grill that is located in Portland, Oregon in the food cart pod on SW 10th and Alder.

Matt at the Grilled Cheese Grill downtown location!


This is now the third location in Portland that you can get Matt Breslow’s delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. Other Grilled Cheese Grill locations include: the double-decker bus on SE 28th/Ankeny, and the original school bus location on SE 11th and Alberta. If you’re not in Portland, don’t fret! You can recreate the famous Grilled Cheese Grill sandwiches at home. Visit Tillamook Kitchen for recipes, grilled cheese tips and tricks and more on Portland’s premier grilled cheese hot spot.

I stopped by the new location this week to check out the new location. I ordered the sandwich-of-the-day that was made with Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese, bacon, and apples. It was crispy, gooey and delicious.

Sandwich of the day from Grilled Cheese Grill. Yum!

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