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Hey all you Tillamook fans in Salt Lake City! We’ll be cruising around your city tomorrow, Friday, August 19th on the Loaf Love Tour. You know those cute orange buses? Well, your family could win a ride in one at the Peach Days festival. That’s awesome, right?!

How to enter:

– Follow us on Twitter and watch for the #LoafLove hash tag on Friday, September 19 to find the location of our 3 Baby Loaf buses.

– Or, watch Facebook for the buses’ locations.

– Come snap a picture of all 3 buses together.

– Tweet your best shots with hash tag #LoafLove.

– Or post them on our Facebook wall.

The best photo will be your ticket to 5 seats in the Loaf Love Buses as they drive along in the Peach Days Parade!

We’ll announce the winning photo on Facebook and Twitter at 5pm on Friday, September 19. For more info, you can read the Contest Rules.

P.S. Don’t forget to visit us on Saturday at the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point! We’re giving away free admission to the museum for the first 100 people to show dressed in Tillamook orange.

*The winning family of 5 will join the Loaf Love Tour in the Brigham City Peach Days Parade on Saturday, September 10th. Cruise along Main Street in the Baby Loaf Buses and be part of this city-wide event that attracts thousands of Utah-ians. Started in 1904, Peach Days is an honored tradition that Tillamook is proud to be part of. For more information on Peach Days please visit

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