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Our Loaf Love Tour is coming to a close, but there have been amazing memories and never-going-to-forget-them moments in every city we visited!

Who can forget getting pulled over by the police officers in San Antonio while cruising in our Baby Loaf Buses?


Or the actual scary experience of living through a cheese-centered tornado in Dallas?

How about the yumtastic homemade Tillamook dinner courtesy of our broker in Salt Lake City?

And one of our extra special fans with more visits to the Loaf Love Tour than any other – James from Phoenix!

As great as this journey has been, we are all so excited to head home to Oregon where we can once again be in the land of all things Tillamook. Your Brand Ambassadors are looking forward to enjoying Hot Habanero Jack Cheese, Pumpkin Ice Cream from the Cheese Factory Ice Cream Counter,¬†all the flavors of our new Light Yogurt, and most importantly a perfectly grilled World’s Best Medium Cheddar Cheese sandwich made with Mom’s special ingredient – lots of loaf love! It’s great to be going home!

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