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Can you feel it? It’s that time again…the invites are rolling in and graduations are in full swing. It’s also time to starting thinking about Father’s Day. So many parties to be had, so little time to plan! To help make the upcoming party season a little easier, I suggest making stations.

For grad parties you may have 50+ people coming into your home over the course of the day. It’s hard to plan around when to serve specific dishes and when to coordinate activities. Stations alleviate the unknown by putting your guests in control. And for dad? Make sure you have some stations that he’ll enjoy at his party!

How To Host a Graduation Party
Drink Station
Have an area that’s dedicated for people to find the beverage of their choice. Make it self-serving so you don’t need to spend a lot of time refreshing the space. Have an area that’s kid friendly, but make sure the adults are satisfied too. You could even have a station for dad that’s dedicated to beer flights so he can try a little of everything (amp it up even more with beer and cheese pairings!). Or if you like cocktails, find one that you can mix ahead of time and put in mason jars. Then when you’re guests come they just have to pull a jar out of the cooler, shake, and enjoy.

Food Station
Or maybe I should say stations! Similar to drinks, plan your party menu around dishes that are easy for your guests to put together and customize on their own. Especially for a longer party, lots of small bites are much better than one main dish. Things like build-your-own sliders, salads, Jack Biscuit Bites, or Finergling Potato Skins. Spread out some smaller snacks around too. Not only will it make sure everyone gets something they want, it will also increase mingling at the party while people move along to new food options.

Dessert Station
For dessert it’s your call on how to put together the station. Might be a sampling of a few different cookies, bars, or other treats, or you could also take the build-your-own approach. For instance, a fun build-your-own ideas is a sundae station with Tillamook Ice Cream and a selection of sweet and savory toppings.

Game Station
Have an area dedicated to where your guests can have a little competitive fun. Latter ball, bean bag toss, darts, croquette, or even just throwing a ball around. Have a space where kids and adults can indulge and let lose in a game.

Gift Station
Gift Station
This may sound like overkill, but when there are a lot of people in your home it’s hard to spend time dedicated to opening gifts in front of them. To help set expectations for your guests (and yourself!), create a space that people know they can leave something. Everyone wins!

If you have other tips on how to host a graduation party or a party for dads, share them with us here on the blog!

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