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After a fun and exciting work week of cheese sampling, driving around in the Baby Loaf buses, and talking about Tillamook, it’s time to relax! My weekends back home normally consist of something low key: dinner downtown, maybe a movie or just being with friends conversing about life. I have quickly come to realize that while on tour there is always something much more exciting to do during my time-off, especially in cities I have never been to like Phoenix, Arizona! Last weekend, several of us from the Loaf Love Tour decided to go to the Grand Canyon! We were all so excited to go, even though it meant getting up early on our day off and a four hour car trip. No big deal.

Now, the image in my mind of the Grand Canyon is a picturesque sunset, orange-red colors, and covered wagons (because clearly we live in the time of ‘Little House on the Prairie’) But when we finally got to the Grand Canyon, to all of our surprise it was windy, cold, and a little bit of snow was falling. But I still loved it! I was at the Grand Canyon, and I was with my Loaf Love family! Even though the weather was not the best, we were all completely stunned and mesmerized by how incredibly breathtaking it was. It looked like a painting that went on for miles and miles.

Apparently, this is the only time of year when Hermit Road on the South Rim is open, so we had the chance to drive further to see different view points. As soon as we saw a view we liked, we all jumped out of the car, ran to the railing, took some pictures, click-click! and then jumped back in the car to get warm again! We stopped and ate lunch, bought a postcard or two, and had one more group photo-opp. At the very end of the day, Mr. Sun decided to show up. What a beautiful day with my new Loaf Love family.

We all had so much fun at the Grand Canyon and this is just the beginning of my fun weekends while on tour. I’m excited to see what other amazing sites and adventures lie ahead on this journey!

-Drew, Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador

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