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Cheese is a perishable product that shouldn’t stay out of refrigeration for long. So how might I give the gift of cheese you ask? Well, it may not be the simplest gift to give, but if you get creative, there are plenty of fun ways to give the gift of cheese. Here are some ways that I have surprised my family with the gift of cheese:

Stockings: If you sneak down to the stockings before the rest of the family, you can take some cheese out of the fridge and put it on the very top of the stockings! It puts a big smile on everyone’s face! In my family, before you put the cheese back in the fridge, you have to grab a sharpie and label which cheese is yours so someone else doesn’t snag it when you’re not looking!

Under the tree: Okay, I don’t mean wrap a loaf of cheese and put it under the tree, but this is what you can do… Write a little note for someone to look in the fridge for their gift. Find a little box and put the note in it. Wrap it up and put it under the tree! Make sure to put a loaf of cheese front and center in the fridge ahead of time. You could even put a bow on it!

By mail: Yes, you can mail cheese! The Tillamook Online Store has a selection of cheese, apparel, gift boxes, and more! We pack cheese up with insulation and ice packs to keep it nice and cold while it gets to its destination. But remember, the last day to ship for your order to arrive by Christmas is December 21st by noon.

Happy gift (cheese) giving!

~ Laura of the Tillamook Team

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