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As a huge Tillamook Yogurt lover, I’m consistently faced with an abundance of plastic yogurt cups. I’m a huge supporter of recycling, but an even bigger supporter of repurposing. I’ve been collecting yogurt cups for a few weeks now, without knowing what I would create with them. Twenty yogurt cups later, and after a little time poking around Pinterest, I decided to create a holiday wreath.


– Spray paint
– Tillamook Yogurt cups (I used 20, but you could make yours larger or smaller)
– Hot glue gun and glue sticks (I tried super glue, but it didn’t stick to the plastic as well as I’d hoped)
– Extra decorations
– A well-ventilated area to spray paint

Clean all yogurt cups first (I ran them through the dishwasher) then spray-paint all cups. I painted the insides first, let them dry overnight, then painted the outsides of the cups. It took two coats of paint to cover the labels and get a good even coat to stick to the smooth plastic.

Lay out all cups in a ring and start hot-gluing them together at points of contact. I glued pairs of cups, then glued two pairs together, etc. until the whole wreath ring was built and connected.


Use hot glue to attach accessories like scented pine cones or fabric flowers onto the outside. I especially liked using cinnamon scented pine cones to help mask the lingering scent of spray paint. When I was done, I sprayed gold glitter spray paint over the whole thing to give it a unified sparkle.

Hang and enjoy!

What holiday crafts will create with your yogurt cups?

Update: You can also paint and decorate your wreath for other holidays. If you don’t have enough additional yogurt cups, you can repurpose your old wreath pretty effortlessly. I tore off the flowers and pine cones from my holiday wreath and repainted it with acrylic paint and a brush for Easter. With a few simple touches like some plastic eggs and felt shapes, you can have your new wreath up and ready to go in no time.



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