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In honor of National Grilled Cheese Month, I’ve been cooking up a lot of delicious sandwiches! It’s always a challenge to get the perfect grilled cheesy texture, so I thought I’d look to the Tillamook Kitchen Quick Tips for some help. There’s a tip from Dave Danhi, of The Grilled Cheese Truck that suggests making a sandwich press by wrapping a brick or some tiles in foil. I used a small marble rectangular trivet I had laying around the house, wrapped it in foil, and got cookin!

This tip worked great! My grilled cheese came out perfectly melted, pressed, and crisp (but not burnt!) If you’re looking to make some delicious grilled cheese, but don’t want to invest in a fancy press, I highly suggest using this tip to make your own!

Have you tried any of the Tillamook Kitchen Quick Tips yet!?!

*Updated February 24, 2015

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