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On the Loaf Love Tour, there’s always enough cheese around to keep our cheddar cravings at bay. However, until now, our taste buds have really been missing that delicious creaminess that only Tillamook Ice Cream can satisfy.  As July quickly approached (man, time flies when you’re on the road!) our mouths were watering more day by day, in anticipation of our arrival to Salt Lake City…otherwise known as The First City On Tour That Has Tillamook Ice Cream!!! Oh, the pride and joy I felt when we arrived at our very first Utah store and I saw Harmons’ fully-stocked freezer with all of my favorite flavors. They even had all three vanillas! “Yes,” I said to my partner, Noelle, “Utah will be just fine!”

In an effort to kick off Utah with a sweet and creamy celebration, I decided to surprise the crew with a carton of our ever-anticipated ice cream. All throughout the afternoon I agonized over the best way to get the ice cream safely from the store to our new hotel (nearly an hour away) in the sweltering heat. With some master ice-maneuvering, I was confident I could get the sweet spoonfuls of deliciousness safely into my fellow brand ambassadors mouths. Though we all have our own favorite flavor for our own special reason, I eventually decided to take Marrionberry Pie home. Marrionberry Pie is known to be Cheddar Coy’s all-time favorite, so I knew that he would be especially thrilled by the surprise!

As I checked into the hotel room that I would call home for the next three weeks, I realized something horrible: NO FREEZER!!! I frantically sent out a mass text to the crew to come to my room ASAP for a special surprise. Whether they saw me carrying the carton into the hotel or smelled the pie chunks through my text message, there was a knock on my door within seconds of pressing “send.” After no time at all, the entire carton of our precious Tillamook Ice Cream was gone. Plastic spoons were strewn about my room, melty drips of ice cream had made it onto my bed, and every one of us had sticky hands, smiling faces, and happy tummies! My surprise was a success. I can only hope that Tillamook Ice Cream for dinner becomes a regular thing on tour. Which flavor shall we dine on next week?!

Until next time!


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Sharon jensen

I always put together my favorite ice cream dish in the summer when cantaloupes are ripe. You should make it and put it in the stores. Its vanilla ice cream ploped on top of a slice of cantaloupe. It would be delishous as a swirl of vanilla and cantaloupe with fruit chunks. Please and send it to Fred Meyer, Newport Or. Or our other stores.

October 2nd, 2017 at 8:46 pm


Tillamook Team

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for visiting our blog! We've shared your suggestion for a cantaloupe vanilla ice cream with our Product Development team in the past, but I would be happy to pass it along again. We always love hearing ideas from our fans!


Sierra, of the Tillamook team

October 5th, 2017 at 11:50 am
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