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A special Tillamook torch

As we approach the start of the 2012 Olympics, we’ve been brainstorming ways to take part in the excitement that’s happening way across the pond in London. With the Opening Ceremony only days away, the anticipation has been through the roof. My personal favorite moment is when the Olympic Torch enters the stadium and lights a cauldron to officially mark the start of the Games. For the past two months, the torch has been winding its way through the United Kingdom before entering the home stretch near London. I’ve been watching with envy as famous British athletes like David Beckham and Andy Murray carry the flame to rapturous applause from fans. So I thought I’d join the action with my own version of the torch – a cheesy torch.

The design above is merely a prototype (and a lovely by-product of daydreaming about Tillamook Cheese during snack time). It would be great to see a real life Tillamook Olympic torch, but I wonder: could such a tasty torch make it all the way across America without being eaten? Actually, scratch that. Do you think the torch could even make it out of Oregon before being devoured? It’s a tough call. Pride for the USA is one thing; pride for Tillamook Cheese (and a growling stomach) are quite another matter.

If you’re feeling extra patriotic and adventurous, why not try sculpting your very own torch out of a Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese loaf? Or better yet, get that flame extra hot with some scorching Hot Habanero Jack. Share your creative torch creations in the comments below!

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