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Let’s face it. Kids can be picky eaters and that makes meal time extra hard. When my kids only want to eat cereal for weeks on end, it’s hard not to just give in at some point. There are loads of tricky ways to sneak in vegetables but I have found myself going crazy trying to figure that all out. I finally stumbled across the theory of options. It turns out, when I give my kids a choice between multiple healthy foods, they are more likely to pick one. Armed with this knowledge, I’ve been able to gain back a whole lot of time I use to spend stressing in front of the fridge.

I now keep little bags of cut up veggies in the fridge. Each bag is a different vegetable and I let my kids pick out which bag they are going to eat. Here are some more tips from Tillamook fans for keeping variety in the kitchen:

1. “Just to mix it up I sometimes create a ‘cheese platter’ for my 8 year old son. He loves the idea of sampling all his favorite Tillamook cheese’s with a variety of crackers. I even put it on a special platter just for him.” – Audrey Arcuri

2. “I always buy red and green grapes at the store. When I put both colors of grapes on my son’s plate, he always seems to eat more, thinking they are different.” – Carol Gragg

3. “I take a few different Tillamook Yogurt flavors and layer them in a little glass jars for my kids. They love to see all the colors and they have fun trying to eat them separately or mixing them all together.” – The Tillamook Team

4. “When I make my kids sandwiches, I cut them in four sections and put a different flavor of Tillamook Cheese in each. My kids always take one bite from each and then spend lunch time talking about what section they like the most.” – Linda Warren

What tips do you use to get your kids eating healthy meals?

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