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Just Say Yum!

Soaking up the sun in SoCal.

We call our awesome little VW Baby Loaf buses¬†“Yums” and our fleet now has 5 Yums, including the Loafster convertible. I personally have the Tillamook Baby Loaf Yums to thank for making me feel like a star while in the Los Angeles area. For a metropolis that has undeniably seen every form of fashion, cars, homes, and celebrities, I continue to be shocked by people’s surprised reaction to little `ol me driving down the street in a Tillamook Baby Loaf on wheels.

As a Tillamook Cheese Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador, your daily commute to work is unlike any other. For starters, I drive a custom VW that is almost twice my age, the exterior of the vehicle resembles a baby loaf of cheese, and it proudly has Tillamook written all over it. Trust me, there is no driving unnoticed. Often I feel like I’m in a parade with all the waves, smiles, and thumbs-ups I give to total strangers along the road (just wish I had a crown to wear!).

Driving the Loafster convertible!

There are certain occurrences one must be prepared to encounter when driving one of the five Tillamook Yums. Such as: People honking excitedly at you, people screaming and shouting, photos and video being taken of you, being followed or waved down, having 30 second conversations with the car next to you at a red light, or watching people slug their friend in the arm to get them to check us out!

Nothing beats the feeling of when the Loaf Love Tour teamdrives the Yums down Hollywood Blvd, Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd, or Rodeo Drive. The people along the streets look at us with such sincere smiles that we naturally give them a cheesy smile right back! The Tillamook Baby Loaf Yums help the Loaf Love Tour bring our tasty cheese to the people everyday and I feel honored to drive them!


See you on the road!

-Jenn, Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador


Pat Mumford

Gotta love Tillamook cheese; makes me proud to live in Tillamook! Also, I love your blog! How does one become a loaf tour ambassador? I'd love to be a part of your team! I'm a writer and a driver...what else does it take?

May 9th, 2011 at 9:52 am

Tillamook Team

Hi Pat! Thanks for sharing your Loaf Love :) We're glad you like our blog and cheese! At this time, we have a full Loaf Love Tour team and aren't in need of additional Brand Ambassadors. Thanks for your interest though!

-Tara of the Tillamook Team

May 17th, 2011 at 12:48 pm
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