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Cowboy Loafy!

The Loaf Love Tour has arrived in Texas! After several sunny weeks in Arizona, we reached a rainy and stormy Dallas – I think Texas wanted us to feel more at home with Oregon-style weather. After almost a week of rain, we were finally able to enjoy beautiful 80 degree weather on Monday at the Dallas Zoo! It was a fun-filled day with more than 13,000 people enjoying Tillamook Cheese samples, Loaf Love Tour bingo, smile sticks, bean bag toss and of course the super-cute zoo animals!

This was the first event where all five of our Baby Loaf buses were there, and they sure made a big impact! Many people mentioned seeing the new Tillamook Loves Texas commercials that feature one of our awesome Baby Loaf buses on a Texas road trip! In addition to the buses, our cheery cheesy mascot, Loafy was there! The kids and families here in Dallas were getting a kick out of Loafy’s sweet disco dance moves, and I was thrilled to get the coveted job of escorting Loafy around the zoo.

All the kids and families were so excited to see the Loaf Love Tour and taste Tillamook Cheese. I loved seeing so many people fall in loaf with our cheese for the first time! It was a close call between which was the favorite attraction at the zoo today: the brand new koala bears, the jungle animals, or the Loaf Love crew.  I heard one mom asked her son, “What do you want to see first, the reptiles or the tigers?” Her son replied, “I want to go back to the CHEESE!!!” We met so many fun and awesome Texans today. I’m so excited to be spending the next three months in this great state!

I hope to see you all on the road!

Ashley, Loaf Love Tour Brand Ambassador

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Longhorn Loaf Love

Hooray for Dallas Zookeepers!


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